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Objective: Composite and retouch four images of delicious ingredients floating in liquid, combining multiple frames of different object placement, rotation, lighting, liquid level, bubbles and colored gel combinations to produce four hero images that signify the pairings of certain ingredients with four varieties of wine for a gala food and wine festival.  

Solution: Processing all of the images, then stacking all of the various plates in Photoshop layers, we first went about putting all of the various objects into registration (as best as is possible with floating objects), next compositing the most desirable features of each item together by layer masking .  Next comes  retouching defects in surfaces, unwanted specks and bubbles and transitions between objects followed by a beautification pass and lastly,  fine tuning of the color, contrast and saturation for the various layout applications and text treatments.  
A delicious collaboration with photographer Evi Abeler for the world-famous Marina Bay Sands Food & Wine Festival in Singapore.
Partnering this spring with Big Leo Productions and Evi Abler for a destination food and beverage shoot in Southeast Asia, the production team shot in style near the luxury hotel, famously featured in the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians. Together they created ethereal concepts representing red, white, and rosè wines using local foods and plants.
Working with an agency team that is 12 hours ahead turned out to be surprisingly efficient.
As the agency team handed off their punch-list of items for revision and called it a day, we got cracking, having the revisions completed first thing in the morning Singapore local time. There were a few late night zoom calls to review feedback with a screen sharing, but it was all so time efficient that I’m kind of looking forward to the next late shift!

Production Team:
Photographer - Evi Abeler
Rep - Big Leo Productions
Food Stylists - Fanny and Koi Seah

Agency Team:
Agency - Forsman & Bodenfors
Creative Director - Gustavo Figueiredo
Head of Production - Ali Loveday-Herzinger

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