GLOTZL is an award winning creative imaging studio providing CGI, retouching and photography services focused on transforming exceptional ideas into captivating imagery. A self-proclaimed “creative anomaly,” our Principle, Jeff Glotzl, approaches every project with passion, dedication, and finesse to achieve stunning visuals that surpass client expectations. While his creative spirit and friendly nature may win over the hearts of his clients, it is his commitment to excellence and unique integration of retouching, CGI (computer-generated imagery), and photography—that distinguishes Jeff’s work from his colleagues’.
With a strong background in photography and years of experience in both production and post-production sides of commercial image making, our team is well versed in the field. Our combined practical knowledge of lenses and lighting techniques informs our retouching and illustration work, while a curated understanding of the production business has given us a deep appreciation for adhering to a budget and executing projects in a timely manner.
Our services include: compositing, retouching, photography, 3D illustration, photo-illustration and building-out layered image files for interactive functionality. If you have an image making need not listed here give us a call, we’ve got you covered.
When he’s not in the office, you can find Jeff building catapults with his two sons, playing the drums, or out in the garage tinkering on an old motorbike.
Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project or current emergency.

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