Science Museum of Virginia • Unearth Your World

Objective: Create a photo illustration for the Science Museum of Virginia’s “Unearth Your World” campaign featuring a young girl collecting stars from the night sky like fireflies to keep in her Mason jar. Process/Solution: Wanting to create as much of the lighting effects as possible in camera, we built a few variations of lit Mason jars that would produce a glowing star effect inside, and dangled a small Christmas-tree style light off of a boom arm to create an appropriate glow in the palm of our model's hand. Multiple exposures were composited for hand positions, facial expressions, etc. This ad was to be used on billboards as a long horizontal and as single page vertical magazine ads, etc., so the elements had to be reconfigured into multiple versions to accommodate all of the different layout proportions. Techniques: Compositing, retouching, illustration Acknowledgements: Client: Science Museum of Virginia Art director: David Neale Photography: John Henley

© 2014 John Henley and Jeff Glotzl
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