Jacksonville Symphony • Like Never Before

Objective: Create an image featuring a “school” of brass trumpets led by three solo trumpets, each bearing one of Jacksonville Symphony’s three colors. Process/Solution: An array of 900+ schooling trumpets were created in Maxon Cinema 4D using a single stock trumpet wireframe. The school was arranged into a visually pleasing and natural-looking “school” shape (no small feat). The three lead trumpets were colorized separately, then placed individually. The scene was lit in a diffused top-down fashion to match the direction and quality of the light source in the stock image being used for the background plate. The rendering of the school was then composited with the background plate in Adobe Photoshop and altered to give the school the appropriate feeling of depth and scale. The small stream of bubbles emanating from the purple trumpet was added as a final touch. Techniques: 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering in Maxon Cinema 4D, compositing and illustration in Adobe Photoshop Acknowledgements: Agency: On Ideas Creative director: Chris Nott Art director: Tiffany Biziewski Photography: Stock

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