Jacksonville Symphony • Like Never Before

This was an assignment to create a school of trumpets all bunched up together with a trio in the lead bearing the colors of the Jacksonville Symphony. First, I needed to create the school in 3D, which turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had imagined. Getting 900+ trumpets into a pleasing and natural looking school shape was a bit of a trick. Next, the three lead trumpets were placed individually and colorized. The lighting was done in a top down fashion to match the direction and quality of the light source in the stock image we were using for the background plate. Then a bit of massaging in Photoshop to give the school an appropriate feeling of depth and scale. The tiny stream of bubbles was a last minute touch that I suggested when we were all but finished. I feel that it’s the little details and flourishes that add a touch of realism to an image. I really liked the idea but wasn’t sure if it would work in the context of the ad. The agency team loved the little nuance and so did the client. Creative Director: Chris Nott Art Director: Tiffany Biziewski Agency: On Ideas

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