Plugless • Tesla Model S

Objective: Create two photorealistic illustrations of the Tesla Model S charging wirelessly using the Plugless charging system. Process/Solution: The product shells were supplied as CAD files from the client's engineering department, and were imported into Maxon Cinema 4D and combined with a stock wireframe of the Tesla Model S. The simple 3D room was built and the camera object placed establishing the two angles of view, which were approved by the client before moving forward. Next, the car and the products needed to be textured and the scene was lit much like it would be in a real photographic studio. Multiple renderings were made, highlighting different portions of the scene and using different lighting techniques for various surfaces. Separate passes were made for shadows and the backlit glowing features of the control panel, etc. The resulting renderings were layered in Adobe Photoshop and the best parts of each were composited to yield a photorealistic image. A final polishing of the image was done in Adobe Photoshop completing the illustration. Techniques: CGI, compositing, illustration Acknowledgements: Client: Evatran Art Director: Ben Griffon CGI / Illustration: Jeff Glotzl

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