Children's Hospital of Richmond

Objective: Work with photographer Adam Ewing to create a series of fun images of children visiting the newly opened Children's Pavilion at VCU/MCV Hospital. Process/Solution: Photographing real people (especially children) always presents more challenges than working with professional models. They are not trained to move ¼ inch on command and hold it while looking casual. The best body positions for each element were composited into a single hero robot. The layout needed a little more bleed so upper arm for our mom was taken from an outtake, lengthened, and added to give some more room on the left side of the frame. An empty background plate was dropped in and blurred to decrease focus on the background elements and to give more cropping options for various layouts that needed to be accommodated and increase readability of the text that would overlay it. Techniques: Compositing, retouching Acknowledgements: Client: Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU/MCV Hospital Art director: Kelly O’Toole Photography: Adam Ewing

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