Children of Fallen Patriots

Objective: Cast and photograph a soldier/father in uniform to match an existing stock image of a graduate/daughter in order to create a “torn” composite image to show two sides of a family. Process/Solution: We found a model that looked as though he could be the father of the model in the stock photo. We rented period props and found a suitable location with enough dirt in the background to pass as a desert location. By looking at the metadata of stock images of graduates, we used the same focal length lens and aperture setting to match the look of the stock image. The images were placed side by side and facial features were shifted around to create a more symmetrical “combination-face.” The agency decided to use the image in a more horizontal layout as a secondary use so the canvas area on the left side of the frame needed to be extended to accommodate the new crop. This was achieved by cloning the background and using a shoulder from a wider donor frame. Techniques: Photography, compositing, retouching Acknowledgements: Agency: The Meridian Group Art director: Dave Watson Photography: Jeff Glötzl (father), stock (daughter)ge of graduate daughter for the Children of Fallen Patriots fund. Create a torn composite image combining the two faces to showing the two sides of a family in one compelling image. Photographer: Jeff Glotzl (Father) Stock (Daughter) Art Director: Dave Watson Agency: Meridian Group

Photo of Soldier © 2013 Jeff Glotzl                                                                                                   Photo of Graduate: Stock
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