Into the Den of the Bear • Cover Art

Objective: Create the cover art for Hermann Pfaeffle’s military memoir, Into the Den of the Bear, which chronicles his experience as a tank squadron commander on the Eastern Front during World War II. The client requested that the book cover be reminiscent of WWII newsreel images in which animated arrows were used to indicate troops’ movements across the map. Process/Solution: To begin, we photographed a period map of the Eastern front, an Iron Cross and ribbon. Then, the ribbon photos were composited into the shape of an arrow. The Iron Cross and arrow were composited in and drop shadows were added to ground the medal to the map, Burn marks were made on a large piece of paper and photographed. These smoldering points were added to indicate the sites of major battles. Stock smoke plumes and fires were added to create a sense of depth and action rising into a great cloud that was to be the background for the title. Acknowledgements: Client: Winidore Press Art director: Stephen Privetera

© 2010 Jeff Glotzl
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